Power Speaking Training

Our Power Speaking Training Program focuses on building students speaking skills while building their reading, writing, and listening skills.


Our PiELTS Program combines our PST program with IELTS: students learn all the necessary skills they need for the IELTS test while also learning how to use English in other contexts.

Business English

Our Business English Program allows students to understand the language and dynamics of the business world in an English speaking environment.

BIT-K Program

Our Business Interpretation and Translation program for Korean speakers advances students English skills and culture awareness for effective written and spoken communication.


Our TESOL Program gives students the skills they need to build their presentation prowess as well as teach English to others in a non-English speaking country.

Part-time Courses

Our Part-time Courses create more private settings for students either to enhance their current skills or to supplement any skills they may need to acquire on a flexible schedule.

English for Young Learners

Our English for Young Learners Program helps school-aged students learn the skills and language they need to integrate into the public school system.

Family English Program

Our Family English Program is designed to let families study together: parents join our PST program while their children partake in English based classes and excursions.

Students who enroll in a language program which is six months or less in duration or for which tuition is less than $4,000 may not make a claim against the Student Tuition Protection Fund, which is managed by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. Further, this language program may not have been reviewed nor approved by the PTIB.
For more information about programs that do not require approval by the PTIB please visit


Yumi teacher taught us lots of North Amerian's business style such as how to negotiate and how to built relationship with the clients and so on. Allen's class was more discussion base and we talked a lot about case studies. The class was small members, so I could have more chance to speak with class mates and teachers. Back to Japan, I didn't have to speak out in the class, but I felt different in Canada, I have to speak out and say my opinion, it was good practice for me!- Kenyu Sakuraba
GC TESOL teacher was the best teacher I ever had! I was an English teacher in Japan, I knew some skills for teaching, but I realized many new skills and also I learned from Allen that how the teacher should make the students more fun and better atmosphere in the class not only teaching as a teacher. He gave us lots of advices to our lesson plan, I've never had those ideas and I end up to make the best lesson plan in my life!- Ikumi Mizu
When I first came to Global College, My English skills were low. Therefore I was afraid of speaking English However I can participate in the PST class and the IELTS class at the same time through the PIELTS class. I am not afraid of speaking English Also, I learned about IELTS. It is helpful to me because I want to go to University here in CANADA.- GAYEOUNG CHOI
While taking BITK program at Global College, I struggled the most in translating and writing down the sentences into my own words. At first, long and seemingly impenetrable passages made me feel frightened and overwhelmed.I gradually gained confidence and a good command of translation as I have made progress in translating daily articles in GC translation classes. Additionally, taking BITK course through Global College has also allowed me to earn ITT certificate and learn practical English usage like business jargons and idioms. By translating business articles, I was exposed to various translation techniques and business vocabularies; leading me to achieve higher learning and advanced English. I would highly recommend GC's BITK program to anyone who is interested in perfecting translation skills and obtaining ITT certificate; the necessary Korean job qualification.- MINJUNG JANG


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