Global College

Operating since 2011, Global College has been striving to offer international students in Vancouver the highest level of education possible. Continuing into our third year of operation, we have continued to offer a helping hand to those students who wish to improve their English by utilizing our small class sizes and intensive, focused curriculum.

Featuring a wide variety of teachers and teaching styles, we pride ourselves in finding a way to improve all of our students’ English abilities, regardless of level, learning style or ability. With our largest classes containing a maximum of ten students, and many classes containing fewer, we guarantee a highly focused learning environment.

Where We Are

Located in one of the world’s most beautiful and livable cities, Vancouver, British Columbia, Global College is well situated for those wishing to improve their English and enjoy their life at the same time. Global College is situated in the downtown core of Vancouver, where students can experience the variety of cultures that make Vancouver one of the most diverse cities in the world.

Our Mission

We want to improve our students’ English, and provide students with an environment in which they can thrive.
Teachers and staff members are devoted to creating an environment in which everyone feels valued, and everyone feels like their English is improving. We also understand that students learn English in different ways, and at a different pace.
Our classes and schedules were made to be flexible, and we will try our best to make sure that everyone learns at their own pace, and is afforded the flexibility they deserve. This is our mission, as easy, or as complicated as it sounds.

What We Offer

Global College offers a variety of ESL classes for students of all levels and schedules. Offering both part time and full time, as well as an intensive ESL program, all consisting of four levels: Beginner, Low Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced. Part-time students will find the benefit of either the morning or afternoon class, while full-time students will receive programs during both time blocks. Intensive English students will receive an accelerated program aimed at improving English skills and Academic preparation. Additionally, General Speaking, Listening and Comprehension, and Power Speaking/Writing courses are available to students of all levels for those who wish to target improvement with specific skills.