Power Speaking Training (PST/ESL)

Our Power Speaking Training Program focuses on building students speaking skills
while building their reading, writing, and listening skills.


  • Daily correction sheets for content review and identifying student errors
    – Instructors record errors made by students in each session
    – Near the end of each class, every student gets a copy
    – Instructors correct and explain errors made during class
  • General English training with continuous application through speaking
  • Development and refinement of English skills
  • Confidence in knowledge and use of English
  • Successful completion
    – Certificate of highest level completed
  • Variety of electives, each designed to include use and practice of all the English skills
  • Learning of cultures across the globe, cultural integration and adaptation


  • Speaking integrated in every class for application of knowledge
  • Minimum of 2 daily correction sheets from different sessions per day
  • Realization and explanation for personal and potential English errors
  • Events to promote interaction between students and native English speakers
  • Available for English learners at beginning to advanced and academic levels
  • Dynamic selection of electives requiring use of English skills to communicate through speaking
    – Presentations (Individual and group)
    – Debates
    – Interviews
    – Simulations/Surveys


9:00-10:30 AM Writing Reading Grammar Reading Reading
10:40-12:00 PM Speaking Speaking Speaking Speaking Speaking
12:00-1:00 PM LUNCH
1:00-2:30 PM Elective Elective Elective Elective Elective



  • Interview with a Global College Instructor AND;
  • Global College’s Placement Test indicating a minimum of GC 3
  • 22.5 instructional hours per week
  • 90 instructional hours a month
  • Intake every Monday

Cintia Manuela de Lima

I am having a great time studying at Global College! Teachers and staff are very friendly and always help me when I need help! Classes are very dynamic and I am feeling more confident to speak English! Thank you so much Global College for helping me achieving my goals